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Welcome to the Neptune Band website! Neptune is a band made by Arthur, the lead singer. The band has 4 members, Arthur, Jeremayah, the drummer, Dominic, the DJ, and Jaziel, the cool piano guy.

On this website, you can read about all the members, watch the music videos for all the songs, and listen to every track Neptune has released. You can also get updates on the newsest Neptune info and news on new stuff!

This site also has links to all Neptune related websites.

Stay tuned for frequent updates whenever a new song releases or a new episode of Neptune the Series releases! This site will keep you updated with everything Neptune related.

If you're looking for a cool community to host your own site with, come join the aftersleep collective and create your own home on the net.

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05/15/23 A LOT of things have been changed. There's no way I can remember them all to put them here, just look around the site and figure out yourself.
07/06/22 Redesigned every page. It was very much needed because all of the other pages looked out of place compared to my homepage.
08/07/23 Added the Chat Page to the sidebar.
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13 Days!? Who's runnin' this crapshow?

Unless you live with Patrick Star, you would know that my website has gone down multiple times in the past 4 months. That is a big problem. But you see, I can't really control that. My site is...keep reading

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Random thoughts of 04/02/24
wordpress is booty cheeks!!

So I've been thinking about this and I finally realized how trash wordpress sites are. Warning: poorly written typo-ridden rant ahead. Prepare yourself. Wordpress sites suck so much. i go to look at a really cool article about something i like like for example the arcade blogger and than i see a hideous m*dern website with like 4 buttons and everything... keep reading

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